Twitter 10 tips for SEOs

Get a grip

Be clear about what it is you want from your campaign, ultimately it still goes back to keyword(s) and research + communication.  When you are clear in your own mind what words you want to communicate you are half the way there. That word (Twitter username) needs to form part of your customized Twitter URL such as or This allows for the creation of a static address for googles index.  Get a grip on your username: short and succinct  equals tweetable.



Meta Tags & WordPress

As the google bots trawl your blog posts, they work out the meaning of the text they encounter by, the html tags <title>, <headings>, together with the content.  In addition Html supplies them with information for display in their results page, this data is held within the Meta Tag description.  When you succeed in getting into the top ten entries for Serps, the last fence you want to fall at is the last one!  Make sure that pertinent  information in the snippet displayed under your optimized title, with keywords nicely <bolded> matches with the visitors needs.

The default installation of WordPress does not contain a facility to produce an individualized description for each post. A generic description can be added manually, but is not a subtle solution.  In the absence of a description, the search engine will create a description ‘snippet’ from the text within the post.