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Overview: Web Equity – owning your digital presence

SEO and SEM have two goals: engage and convert.  The social side of the internet encourages engagement, the search side focuses more on user intent and ultimately conversion of that intent into a sale.

The many elements of an online presence can build on each and work together.  This is an organic process that is best done in a controled environment. Continue reading


Ranking Factors and Rand Fishkin

SEO has two objectives – to engage the visitor and get that visitor to do something.  The internet is buzzing with engagement and can be harnessed by a savvy SEO to increase both engagement and visitor activity.

Todays internet comprises of social, onpage content and addresses as well as the data and spiders running between the three!  It’s like a huge 4 dimensional digital puzzle.  The rules of the puzzle are in a state of flux, and are nether written down.  Expert SEOs such as Rand Fishkin and Will Chitchow can look at the patterns of search to deduce these rules.  They have many years of experience in deducing the subtle changes in the rules of the game and are role models for the whole SEO community. Continue reading