5 Tips on Content to Please Your Panda

What does Panda measure?
This piece of content is all about what Panda measures, with particular emphasis on content.



Introduction to Panda
Panda is just one part of Google arsenal of algorithms which decide on the rank of individual websites for any given keyword phrase. How this algorithm differs from the others is that its express purpose is to quantify the quality of said website. As quality is so vital to the success of Google it is unsurprising that this particular algorithms opinion is

vital for good ranking!

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I did it “My Way”

Emotions and Marketing

Did you know that we process visual information 60,000 times faster than text?

Did you know that successful digital marketing taps into our emotions and that 70% of purchases are decided by our emotional responses to the product?


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Why are Press Releases important to your Digital Marketing?

Press releases are viewed on average around 275 times over a 7 day period. Of these, the important views are those of potential Amplifiers i.e. JOURNALISTS. If your copy is a good story with clear content and sharable ideas these are the people you want to attract!

If lucky, your prose may reach approximately 70 journalist within a week. These writers are key to amplifying your content. This is a core part of their job, finding good stories and passing them on.

To attract your Journalist your content needs to be a Good story (state the obvious). Don’t bother with any old content, that’s just yesterdays news! Be original, be up to date, above all be relevant and worth sharing.

If you achieve this you will increase your reach exponentially.

This is the point of a press release, if it doesn’t meet this criteria it’s just yesterdays news.


What Marketing content writers should learn from Journalists

The “old media” model has collapsed under the weight of the “new media” model. Those feeding content into the new model are often as not from the era of the old. This, not surprisingly has required considerable flexibility and courage, not to mention a great deal of stress and confusion within the marketing fraternity.

As with all change, there has to be a settling in period and a consolidation of new and old to come to some level of equilibrium. In the best-case scenario the creativity and skill from the old model combined with the techno savvy can lead to brilliant and visible content which will enhance your marketing efforts.

What can “New Media” learn from “Old Media”?

Marketing content tactics

1. Editorial Calendars


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5 Steps on how to be Red

5 Steps on How to be Red

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