Being a Redshirt

Have you been wondering Why? these mug shots are popping up all over local search results?

Rand Fishkin local serps profile imageOk, granted Rand Fishkin isn’t likely to be the mug, but, you he’s got a face that cheers so I thought I’d add it as the example.  We have all seen this profile images appearing – like beacons – in the SERPs pages.

Pick Me – Pick Me!  The reason they are there is because savvy website owners are making use of the functionality of ‘Rich Snippets’.  I’ll explain about these in more detail later on in this post.  The important point I wish to make however is that this change in SERPs presentation is very, very important to all those involved in Local search.  The reason it is important is because those sites using this functionality are essentially ‘Stealing A March’ over the rest of the bunch.  Just like the actors in Star Trek that wear the red uniforms, you know what will happen next  BANG  Cyrus Shepard here writes very eloquently about how he has experienced a 35% increase in organic traffic after becoming the Redshirt equivilent in Local SERPs.

Unlike the realistically depressed Redshirt man, you as a site want to be wearing the red jersey.

Meta tags ranking factor

Finally, all of use will be wearing redshirts in Local SERPs and the playing field will be leveled again!  Digital is like that, constantly seeking out “Bold new place where know one has ever gone before” – please feel free to correct my miss quote, I’m not a true treky, I just dabble!  So live long and prosper etc…



How long is this going to take??? – OUT NEXT NEXT FRIDAY