How to gain Google Authorship and Google Authority

Matt Cutts told the seo community at SMX Advanced 2011 – that the “Google initiative to begin attributing content to original authors” was beginning.  Now in 2013 this connection between author and content has evolved and become if anything even more important than it was.

It is important for Google to know more about the data it indexes in order for them to remain relevant and useful.  It is important for site owners to listen to Google, whenever they actually state what they want, and act accordingly.  The announcement of their support for the HTML5 “rel” attribute in anchor tags for the “author” and “me” variables is an important tool for content developers.  It is a logical development of the Panda algorithm which is all about sifting out quality content from the chaff.  Google are now actively supporting the tools that allow content creators to signpost the fact that they are consistently producing high quality content – it’s a win win scenario!

Rank and Authority

Not withstanding the importance of playing to Google’s tune, it is also very important in the hubbub of the internet to have a voice that stands out from the general background noise.



It’s the good old chicken and egg conundrum.  If you generate little interest and don’t have people interacting with you on the internet, you will not gain authority.  If you have little authority you are less likely to rank!

This is why you have to use all the tools at your disposal to gain Google’s trust as well as your readers.  The content has to be both good as well as being clearly laid out and signposted to Google.