Local SEO

20% of all searches have local intent – in other words the searcher is looking for a local company/service. Essential elements: Search engine pages Local directory submissions Links NAP Categories Reviews



Make sure that your NAP is correct - both on your website as well as on your social profiles throughout the web. Local SEO experts believe that Google and the others (Bing) search engines cross-reference your NAP information across a variety of websites as a validation.  They want to assure themselves that you are a legitimate business.  The more “local citations” you can build up with consistent NAP information, the better for Your Local Rankings.

Checklist Local SEO

Listing business location: Providing a false address for a business will alert search engines that the business may not be legitimate.  Always have an actual address.

Look after your NAP i: Having different business names, addresses and phone numbers across the web will damage the business’ credibility in local search, always be consistent.

Accurate business category: Get as close as you can to an accurage category to describe your business. 

On Google Local page: Having multiple Google Local landing pages for the same location will impact a business’ always stick to one.

Put NAP information on website: Not including the business’ NAP information on its own website can negatively impact its local ranking. It is not sufficient to have this in a graphic.

Add your site to directories: Local listings can be very beneficial.

Create Local interest: Get involved in your local community for the good of your health as well as you site’s.