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Overview: Web Equity – owning your digital presence

SEO and SEM have two goals: engage and convert.  The social side of the internet encourages engagement, the search side focuses more on user intent and ultimately conversion of that intent into a sale.

The many elements of an online presence can build on each and work together.  This is an organic process that is best done in a controled environment.

Local SEO terms

Business Name, Phone #, & Domain Name

A business name, a phone number and a domain that NEVER change are at the core of an SMBs online identity.  Name, phone and domain; these elements are the glue that allows for both branding, and for the value of that branding to come back to the business.  Pick them well and make every effort to rtain them forever.

All usernames and passwords

All too frequently, SMBs neglect to manage the entry keys to access the equity that they create across the internet.  Misplace them and entrance is barred.  It seems self evident, yet frequently forgotten:  Keep track of all your passwords in a secure manner; If using an outside service make access to the user names/pwds a key part of the service agreement.


The onpage digital element – a focal point for others to link to and is the key to conversion.  Managing this central online presence allows the SMB to not only control the message, but to have meaningful metrics.  Metrics that can show the performance of content,  which ultimately can be used to fine tune the content of a website to meet the needs of the site’s visitors.  It also provides a platform to gather email addresses and other key pieces of information about business customers.


Name, address and phone number.  The whole of the local ecosystem uses these basic identifiers to keep track of the business listing and identity.  Changing them, for whatever reason, risks confusing the many directories and search engines that are tracking the specific business location.  It ultimately risks confusing the customer as well.  Top of the local ecosystem in the UK are a small number of list management companies for the UK.  Sending the right information to these upstream data providers is critical for achieving an accurate representation of your business across the local ecosystem.