Social 2014

Social media strategy is the deployment and development of modern strategic plans for social media. A Social media strategy incorporates these new ways of communication where media is not only broadcast but also shared, commented, opined edited or modified by the public at large. Social media has been the rage since the advent of Web 2.0.

Part of you Social Media roadmap will consist of the tools you use in pursuit of your Goal(s).  The Infographic below is an excellent visual expression of the tools available to you right now!

social media infographic

Social media is now a serious channel for marketing, branding and creating an online community.To engage you potential customers in Social Media you need first to make a relationship with them.  This process requires planning from the outset.  For any planning process you need to determine from the outset your GOALs.  When you have set these you then need to set up a method of measuring your Social media fledgling attempts.  You wouldn’t expect to get to any physical location with out a goal and a map against which to measure your progress against – diving into the world of Social Media for Business is very much like this imaginary journey!

Social media Strategy done well relies on your intial strategic plan. This Social Media strategy incorporates new digital ways of communication where media is both broadcast and shared not to forget commented on.  Social Media is becoming more and more important to both marketers and SEOs.  It is now a serious channel for branding and brand loyalty.