Status Quo

Thanks to Ralph Cassar

I’m sitting in my favourite coffee house Emilio’s, my treat of real coffee and fresh croissant. They – the café, the coffee, the croissants – are the whole package, connected to the quality of the place and it shows.

And I’ve just realized what is obvious! Connection is the key to the quality of what people achieve. I’ve been asking why there is no provision in our county for connecting parents of children with aspergers to others in the same situation for a long time. The answer to my problem has been a resounding silence.

Now, a fifth of a century on from when I first raised my query – I’ve answered my own question, those paid to solve such issues are disconnected. The reason that the situation goes on and on, year after year (why the silence) is because the leaders of their particular community are equally disconnected. This disconnect is due to information! This goes right to the top, and, in the current climate, it is set to just continue in its depressingly familiar doldrums. I was a Medical Audit Manager in the mid eighties where I saw millions of pounds wasted by the wrong people (it this instance, consultants) dabbling with information systems. It still goes on till the current day. The next sexy political solution is to give money to the GPs.

Investment in information systems needs to be taken at the highest levels. Currently there exists no central database regarding children and vulnerable adults. Without this how can leaders of provision providing institutions make informed decisions. Only then can they hope to achieve their aim – To break the silence, communicate with and meet the needs of those in the sen community.

This centralized information system should have been achieved decades ago!

Rant over. I am now going to do my best (the girl guide in me) to meet the problem and forget about those paid to address the issue. My sister website Spectrumgirls (currently down for redesign), did just that, ten years ago. It now has over a hundred actively participating members. Most importantly, it has gone a long way towards reducing the silence for the parents of and young women on the autistic spectrum!

Now is the time to challenge the status quo. Over the next few months, I will be writing an account of my progress in setting up this provision within “Google+ Communities” – this will provide a forum for both parents and young people. I can also optimize the site locally for “help my son has aspergers” and all the permutation’s around that expression. However after that I’m rather in the dark. I’m meeting up with the Lovely Lesley who probably deserves a medal for setting up ‘Spectrumgirls’ and will hopefully learn a lot from her!

It’s no solution, but it is using digital technology to join people together and TALK….

The reason I am writing about this process is to open up the process to like-minded SEOs, Designers and Concerned people out there. I have found during my career as an SEO that the online community is usually generous in sharing views and advice.